Welcome to the Little Dove Learning Center Website
Welcome to the Little Dove Learning Center Website


Program Age Weekly Tuition (Full Time) Part Time (3 Days) Part Time (2 Days)
6 weeks - 12 Months
Toddler 1
13 Months - 17 Months
Toddler 2 & 2's 18 Months - 35 Months $300 $200 $185
3's & 4's
36 Months - 48 Months
After School
5 Yrs - 5th Grade
Summer/Holiday Camp 5 Yrs - 5th Grade $265 $185 $170



Parents need to call and schedule an appointment for a visit. You may bring your child along for the visit. Our program and policies will be discussed during the visit.




Tuition fees are payable on a bi-monthly or monthly basis. All fees are automatically withdrawn via ACH.   A non-refundable  annual registration/supply fee $125.00 is due at the time of registration.

No deductions in tuitions on closed days. Full tuition is due for the weeks in which holidays occur. If your child is absent due to illness or vacation there is no deduction on tuition.





Registration form has to be completely filled and signed by the parent(s). Updated copy of child's immunization records and physical exam report, signed and dated by a physician to be submitted to the provider a week before the child starts the program.

Little Dove Learning Center

 "A learning center that feels like home."

2655 Talley Road
San Antonio, Texas 78253
(210) 679-5100

Owned and operated by: 

Mrs. Ofie Ruiz

Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in Special Education

Email: littledovelc@gmail.com

Day Care Hours

Mon-Fri 6:30am-6pm

Sat-Sun closed

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