Welcome to the Little Dove Learning Center Website
Welcome to the Little Dove Learning Center Website


Ofie is an advocate for developing and celebrating each child's unique qualities and learning style. I am so excited for she and her family as they venture on the journey of opening a learning center. She will enhance the community with her professionalism and will touch many hearts with her vast knowledge of child development and love of children.

Speech Pathologist

Ms. Ofie was my nephew's first teacher, when he was 3 years old & diagnosed as a special needs child. His challenges were more of the structure and interation with others. Ms. Ofie taught him structure and how to interact. She taught him to challenge himself and to love learning. He is now in the 7th grade, plays in the school band, and is in 3 accerlated classes. I know that the majority of his capabilty is because of the compassion that Mr. Ofie has for children and the passion that she has for teaching. Neither of the above comes from schooling, it comes from the heart. I would entrust any child to her care.


Helen Ingle


Little Dove Learning Center

 "A learning center that feels like home."

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Mrs. Ofie Ruiz

Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in Special Education

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